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Rajasthan is the royal state of India known for its colorful culture. Rajasthani dance adds some more flavor to its ethnic culture. Several dances of Rajasthan are performed in various part of the state. Among the Rajasthan Dances the Rajasthani folk dance and classical dances of Rajasthan are known worldwide and people from all around the globe enjoy these traditional Rajasthani dances. Experience the magic of Rajasthan Dance performed by the well trained Rajasthani Dancers who have been renowned all over the world for their amazing talent.

Dances of Rajasthan
Some of the famous dance of Rajasthan and Rajasthani folk dance are listed below:

Ghoomar - A Dance of Circular Movements
Ghoomar is one of the renowned Rajasthani dances. This dance of Rajasthan is basically a community dance pf the Rajputs performed only by the women. This auspicious dance consists of simple, swaying movements, however, an amazing grace as the skirts flare slowly while the women twirl in circles, their faces covered by the veil.

This traditional dance is performed during the wedding & festivals of Rajasthan and also a newly married bride is expected to dance the Ghoomar as one of the rituals.

Kachhi Ghodi - A Horse Dance
Originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati the dance is performed for the entertainment of a bride groom’s party. Dancers wear elaborate costumes that resemble them riding on horses. A ballad singer usually sings the exploits of the bandit Robin Hoods.

Life size horse puppets as the costumes of dancers, which they wear while dancing.

Kathak - The Classical Dance of Rajasthan
Kathak is a classical dance of Rajasthan. This formal classical dance evolved as a gharana in the courts of Jaipur where it reached a scale, that established it as distinct from the other center of Kathak, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Background classical music is played with tabla, sitar and sarangi etc.

This divine dance form is performed by men and women at the time of celebration or any cultural event of Rajasthan.

Kathputli - The Puppet Dance
Kathputli dance is a very famous dance of Rajasthan since long times. The Kathputlis (Puppets) are the decorated wooden doll. The kathputli dance plays narrate the popular legends of Rajasthan. A travelling form of entertainment, it uses the ballads, retold in the voice of the puppeteer who is assisted by his family in erecting a make-shift stage.

Colorful attractive Kathputlis and their entertaining movements mesmerize the visitors.

Sapera Dance - Snake Charmers’ Dance
It is one of the most sensuous dances of Rajasthan, performed by the Kalbeliya snake-charmer’s community, the sapera dancers wear long, black skirts embroidered with silver ribbons. As they spin in a circle, their body always acrobatically, so that it is impossible to believe that they are made of anything other than rubber.

The spin and serpent movement of dancers and melodius folklore that are hard to believe performing in real.

Terah Talli - A Devotional Rajasthani Dance
Another devotional form of Rajasthan dance practiced by the Kamad community of Pokhran and Deedwana, to honour their folk hero, Baba Ramdeo. This Rajasthani dance consists of women sitting on the floor before their image. Tied to various parts of their body are thirteen cymbals which they strike with the ones they hold in their hand.

While dancing women balance pots on their heads and hold a sword in their mouth, which is worth to watch.

Bhavi Dance - A Dance of Balancing
Bhavi is one of the most difficult Rajasthani dances, performed by highly skilled dancers. This dance form is moreover performed by the veiled women dancers. While dancing women dancers balance up to seven or nine brass pitchers on their head and simultaneously swaying with the soles of their feet perched on top of a glass or on the edge of a sword.

During dance performance the melodious songs sung by male performers with musical instruments like Harmonium, Sarangi, Dholak dissolve honey in the ears of visitors.

Chari - A Thrilling Dance
This famous Rajasthani folk dance is performed by females belonging to Gujjar community of Kishangarh. In this dance form dancers balance brass pots on their heads and to make performance more presentable the pots are set ignited with the cotton seeds dipped in oil.

Amazing colorful costumes and jewelry of women dancers like gold ornaments, big nose rings, hansli gracefully highlight the dance performances. Drum Dance - A Troupe Dance Drum dance is one of the most entertaining dances of Rajasthan, in which dancers carry traditional colorful Rajasthani costumes. This attractive Rajasthani dance is performed by women while others may dance in a group. Man musician play big drums and brass plates with painted wooden sticks.

It is a group dance performed during big festival seasons and marriages.

Fire Dance - The Charm of Winter Nights
Fire dance is another famous dance of Rajasthan, which is generally performed during winter nights on the cool sand dunes. In this thrilling Rajasthani dance form, dancers perform on a large bed of flaming coals, their steps moving to the beat of drums that rise in crescendo till the dancers appear to be in a near hypnotic state.

Dancers wear traditional Rajasthani dresses and musicians play folk music with dhol and nagada.

Gair - A Famous Festive Dance
Gair is a unique tribal dance of Rajasthan, which is performed by the both men and women. The costume for this dance is basically a long tunic that opens out into a full length skirt. The dance is performed by groups by moving in and around a big circle.

This dance is performed during the time of bigfestival of rajasthan like Holi and Janmashtami.

Rajasthani Dances Performed in Bollywood
Rajasthani dances and Bollywood movies song have a very old affair. Many of Bollywood movies songs are choreographed on Rajasthani dance and Rajasthani folk dance. These forms of dances of Rajasthan can be seen in several bollywood movies like Rudali, Lamhe, Sangeet, Paheli, Luck By Chance etc
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